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The airdrop campaign has now closed.

Thank you for participating in ClassyCoin Mega Bounty Airdrop Campaign and for believing in Classy Network vision to completely revolutionise social networking industry.

The airdrop campaign has now closed and we’re working to validate each application based on the airdrop rules. The airdrop token will be distributed after the token sale and every eligible candidate will receive their token. Our token sale will take place from 5th of March to 3rd of April 2018, and it’s your very last chance to purchase ClassyCoin and contribute to the Classy Network project development.

There are 70 Million ClassyCoin to be sold out during the ICO period at 1 ETH per 10,000 ClassyCoin.

We encourage every airdrop participants who truly believe in our vision to build and decentralise social networking industry to join the ICO.

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Thank you for your continuous support.

Classy Network Team!

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